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 A WSPS Ltd. is a privately owned company established in 2009. The management has worked in the same business before and has been serving the industry for more than two decades meeting requirements of stonecrushing-, mining-,mineral-industries.

Our mission
Our target to serve our partners as quick as required insuring high quality.

Only the premium quality in products and in services could keep long term future, success of our Partners.We believe long term cooperation. If we know more our partners we can be more efficient which decreases our prices.

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Postal address: H-8096 Sukoró Forrás u. 4.
Office-Warehouse: H-2045 Törkbálint, Torbágy u. 13.
Phone number: +36 70 432 2678
Fax: +36 1 700 2676
E-mail: sales@wsps-group.com